The Ranganathan Legacy

Nitya with her grandparents and her sister

A man of very few words,
The foundation of our generation.
By virtue of great compassion,
Thiruvanmiyur was our frequent consolation.

Memories of such adoring warmth,
His composure stands out to me.
How do you characterise this person?
An unattainable tranquility.

Enriched with such enviable qualities,
The wellbeing of his family came first.
Never a loud or unnecessary word spoken,
For Sanskrit and music, an unquenchable thirst.

His qualities ardently infused in us all,
Arts, literature, and knowledge advanced.
A legacy to be boundlessly carried,
He continues to live through us, perchance.

Thatha had the right idea back then,
Patience and kindness endowed.
Care and concern like none other,
We hope we've made you proud.

1st July 2017

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