There was a hush in the hall when Uri announced that Sathyanarayanan, a school student, a child prodigy of Carnatic Music and an exponent in key board would take over. His father introduced him and accompanying vidwans to the audience and spoke well of the occasion. His mother had also accompanied him and was enjoying their son’s rare skill. Clad in white dhothi and shirt was seated a young boy who was to grab the entire audience present there with his scintillating performance.

He started off with ‘vathapi ganapathy’ in Hamsadwani Ragam and rather than me calling it as exhibition of his expertise, I'd rather say we were all immersed in fine music. We all wanted nothing more than just key board Sathya’s melodious music. Nobody moved or even whispered to each other.

This was followed by ‘Theeratha Vilayattu Pillai’ and ‘kutti krishna’ sharted smiling and playing on the dias for his music and the stage was transformed into ‘brindavan’.

‘Sriman Narayana’ was full of devotion followed by the all-time favourite of all - ‘kurai onrum illai’ which was full of emotional devotion and it was not as if he was playing on key board but as if somebody beautifully singing and much more.

Later he played one of their own composition followed by ‘Katriniley varum geetham’.if Amirtha mami had been present she would have enjoyed it a lpt as in concerts on few occasions she felt bad if no tamil song was sung. He played the song so well that not only ‘geetham’ came in the air but ‘kannan’ too seemed to be appearing!

He also played ‘Bhoo sambhoo’ very well in ‘revathi’ which reminded me of Maharajapuram Santhanam’s vocal concert and we all really relished this fine performance by such an young boy. ‘English note’ popularised by Madurai Mani Iyer visibly made many jump with expectation and they were not disappointed. ‘Vaishnava Janatho’at specific request of Mama was played in ‘khamas’ which was emotion-filled and brought tears in eyes. The lovely concert was ended with ‘Raghupathy Raghava Rajaram’ which vibrated the entire auditorium with devotion, a devotion to Shri Ram whom Thatha didn’t fail to worship even for a day.

So, as usual this scintillating performance proved mama right once again and his insistence that we should have’ keyboard sathyanarayan’s’ concert and that it would be relished by all. The concert proved very worthy and a thoroughly enjoyable and above all fulfilling experience, befitting the celebrations. You can listen to most of the compositions played by Sathya.

After this, it was time for the Dance Tribute.

MUSICAL TRIBUTE BY KEYBOARD SATHYANARAYANAN (Click on each photo to see enlarged view)

click for Urmila's and Mr. Krishna Babu's (Sathya's father) introduction

click for Theeradha vilaiyattu pillai

click for Sriman narayana

click for Kurai onrum Illai

click for Kaatrinile varum geetham

click for Bho sambho siva sambho

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click for Vaishnava janato

click for Raghupati raghava rajaram

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