This was a very special day. We were all anxiously awaiting to the unique function and to meet old friends and relatives and recall the memorable time each one of us had when thatha was alive and in turn recall and relive his memories.

Parthasarathy Mama had to put in Herculean work alone as mami is away in US for Shubha’s 1st Birthday (Harish and Archana’s daughter). Mama & I visited the venue hall a couple of days before and mama arranged for carpet, chairs on dias, lights for the little dancers etc.,apart from small assistance Uri and I could extend, barring the task of feeding into computer, interactions and discussions etc., mami had finished (quite a lot of work) all other running around had been done by mama alone. Hats off to his enthusiasm and ceaseless efficient hard work.

The day came. Mama was slightly delayed. He was to be at the hall at 4 o’clock but there was some delay in getting the copies of the book. Here it is to be noted that the materials were handed over to Shri.Sudharsan only 10 days ear;ier and there were quite a few additions (addresses, photos etc.,) till a week before. Hats off to Sudarshan for the nice printing. In a very short time, the book literally hot (by temperature) was given to mama. I was quite eager to the see the book, but there was no time. Usha was the first to arrive at the venue and she pierced my cell with frequent calls demanding our presence there! I had all the genuine reasons to be slightly late as I had to collect ornaments for the little dancers, costumes and only after srinidhi (my daughter) came back from school I could go there. Make-up man followed by Kannan Anna were very quick to arrive even before 4.30 pm and Anna as usual could recollect a series of instances and events in our family where delay had caused laughter and fun.

Mama arrived and was a little anxious that everything to be arranged like the 8 photo posters were to be properly located, banners were to be hung one outside the hall one in the dias. We were lovingly and ably assisted by Shri Makesh and Shri Gopal, who were pillars of strength to Mama and Mami. (who richly deserve such assistance owing to their kind nature). Books had to be put into specially purchased polythene covers and mementos for writers, retired teachers,speakers etc. had to be put into specially purchased bags. On the dias the huge photo banner (from the book-cover designed by Aarthi) and which mama had got it printed had to be hung. There was no rope and we were to call uri to bring some rope from home. Meanwhile ropes hanging were noticed by Mahesh. Even they were not adequate and Mahesh had to rush and buy some rope from a hardware shop. Finally they managed to tie it with Raman's (Kannan Anna's brother) help. The banner prominently decorated the stage. Simultaneously, the portrait of Thatha which I had dabbled was placed in a chair with basket full of flowers in front and when Raman wanted it to be adjusted, I asked to get it done and he did it without any hesitation. That sense of belonging and all our relatives could be seen in every action. These gave a very special feeling as if the stage is set for this fine celebration, amidst the music that was played for testing both the recorder and the computer. Srinidhi and Prathyaksha(Usha's daughter) were pulled out of their make-up session to see if the music was all right up to which point it has to be played etc.,

So we see that organizing a function however big or small it may be requires fine detailing and carrying out work in a particular fashion. One thing I noticed was each and every task is so important and requires some kind of skill. Makeup man was doing a wonderful job (I insisted on having a professional assistance for children as I have burnt my fingers and know how tough it is to do make for stage performance) and Usha agreed that it was a thoughtful idea when we rushed to see the banners hung in the front of the hall. In fact it was wonderful feeling when usha’s sister-in-law Latha, Kalyani Mami, Lakshmi and above all, Neha, Kannan Anna’s granddaughter set us free and did all the help for Srinidhi and Prithu. That sense of being taken care of and that we have so many people for us was complete then.

We royally went around and enjoyed everything and it nice to see our relatives and some friends there. Meanwhile, uri had gone to start her compering job which she is so proficient in performing by now. She welcomed the gathering and spoke of the pictorial tributes one drawing by me and of 100 photos depicting thatha in his different role plays he played.

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Portrait painted by me (Radha Seshadri)

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100 photographs of thatha and paati were displayed in 8 panels. The first panel had the photos of their parents and the Acharyan of thatha. The second panel had photos taken in Vedachala Gardens where thatha and paati had spent 59 years of their 74 years of married life. The third panel showed thatha in P.S.High School where he had spent nearly 40 years of his life both as student and teacher.

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The fourth panel showed the photos of thatha's siblings and their families. The fifth panel showed the photos of paati's siblings and their families.

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The sixth and seventh panels showed the photos of thatha and paati with amma (Vanaja), Gopalan mama, Raghu mama and Parthasarathy mama and all their families. The eighth panel showed the photos of thatha and paati in their many travels to Chittaranjan, Calcutta,Badrinath etc.

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