Please click on the links in Table after my report ends to read the articles in the Souvenir. The souvenir has clearly shown that we have many good writers in the family apart from those few who regularly write in the Family newsletter. The book has come out extremely well, i have read, re read and re read. There has been enormous amount of reception for this book amoung my friends in my office and Thatha has become the sung hero now!

At the bottom of this page is the link to the Audio of Thatha and Paati's interviews recorded in 1995 by Sampath mama and which were included in the Audio CD given to everyone along with the Souvenir
Radha Seahadri

Finally the long eagerly awaited souvenir was released. Vijaya mami gave the first copy to Amma amidst applause. Mohan immediately rushed to the stage to help out all the distributions. The cover of the souvenir was the cynosure of all eyes. Aarthi deserves a lot of kudos for designing such a beautiful cover. And I was also amazed and happy that Aarthi helped quite a lot during the function.

The speakers as well as all the contributors to this souvenir were given mementos. There were 5 retired teachers who had taken pains to attend the function. They were honoured by Raghu Mama accompanied by Parthasarathy mama. Mementoes were also give to the four people who helped mama - Mr.Chandrasekharan, who got the banners and the photos made: Mr.Ganapathy who got the CDs made and of course Gopal and Mahesh.


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Some of thatha’s favourite food were packed very nicely by the caterer (Mr.Kannan) and handed over to all who attended the function. Modern technology makes many things possible, but we cannot serve you the items over the Net. But you can see the items that were served.

(L-R) Adai, Vellam, Ellodharai, Chips, Jangiri, Kara sev, Thayir sadham

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Souvenir was presented to one person per family. On the whole the function was well attended, heart filling and memorable. Mama had meticulously arranged every thing and later amma, parthasarathy mama, aarthi, uri, ravi, srinidhi and I along with Mahesh and Gopal went to Uri’s place to have dinner (the same food).

There were four crowning things in this function
1.sathya’s key board insisted upon by mama during discussions.
2.srinidhi and prithu’s dance I suggested it.
3.Neha’s active participation - a quality imbibed from elders.
4.Food distributed in packs- credit to Uri for wonderful suggestion.

Like in any programme we would have missed dearly or would have forgotten to do something:

1.Missed Amirtha mami (mama missed his right hand) and he had to do everything on his own.
2.We had arranged for colour lights for the dance but the light man though present had forgotten to switch on.
3.During my speech I wanted to speak about Chithappa and Thatha’s special love as that of Rama and Lakshmana it was a regrettable miss. Their entire life, span around each others family referred to as ‘andham and indham’.
4.Mama had emailed the compering to Uri who left out reading only one paper i.e., mementos to family members.

3 and 4 must have happened as Thatha would not like family members telling thanks or formal words to each other or over-praise anything. Anyway everything turned out to be to the liking of all and a befitting celebration.

We really missed those who could not come on this occasion due to different reasons on that day. It was their loss as much as it was ours. You can see photos of those who attended.

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And finally a big thanks to the incomparable compere - Urmila.

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click for Urmila's compering of the concluding portion of the celebration. This includes verse 19 from chapter-7 of Bhagwad Gita as well as thatha's advice.

Please click on the links in Table below to read the articles

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Contributions by relatives of Shmt. Kamala Srinivasan

Contributions by students of Shri Srinivasan and colony residents

Anecdotes about Shri C.Srinivasan written by various relatives

They Turned Sixty Together by Radha Seshadri

Articles on Shmt. Kamala Srinivasan

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Article on Shri S.Sampath by Urmila Devanathan

Article on Soolankurichi Thatha by S.Rajagopalan

Articles on Vedachala Gardens

P.S.High School - Report from The Hindu dated 8th April 2005

Along with the Souvenir, everyone was given an Audio CD which contained interviews of thatha and paati recorded by Sampath mama in 1995 and 5 songs by Bharat Ratna M.S.Subbalaksnmi on Mahavishnu.

Click here to listen to thatha and paati



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