Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7632 of 01-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Left former symbols on quitting dictionary compiling (12)
8 Error announced on my return? Same thing (7)
9 Doctor keeps sort of slimy garment worn in school (7)
11 Fancy parcel etc heading for empty container (10)
12 River cuts through one piece of land (4)
14 Ringtone ruined majority of air (8)
16 Slug, or what’s used to get rid of it? (6)
17 Head of college doesn’t have a study (3)
19 Note Irish autobiography (6)
21 Parish leader of team possesses fruit (8)
24 Staff’s tenacity partly displayed on way back (4)
25 Hostility is apparent in engineers’ attitude (10)
27 Latvian in good type of work estate agent does (7)
28 Short message not allowed to include English (7)
29 It’ll detect a beer rashly drunk around end of night (12)

1 Make impression with this blend of nut oil and carbon (7)
2 Old boy in Phoenix agitated by a fear of outsiders (10)
3 Resembled what MC did, by the sound of it (8)
4 Using ‘gas’ instead of ‘oxygen’, look up and stare (6)
5 Peak, one impressing first of mountaineers (4)
6 One about to enter the pit, twisting and turning (7)
7 Huge epicurean doesn’t start (12)
10 Rather attractive but excessively dainty? (6-6)
13 Restores control on US (10)
15 Property managers protect European land (3)
18 Theoretical number, zero in New Latin (8)
20 Giant feature of demons, terrifying (7)
22 Dealer in sailing gear heading off PR agent (7)
23 Officer defending English hospital’s measure (6)
26 Authorisation to travel through, skirting south (4)
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Created at 22.00 hrs IST on 01-02-2020 from Bngalore

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