Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7526 of 01-10-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 A small cup is returned to old box for stargazer (14)
9 Part of branch order weighed by sailors (6)
10 Train Arab with beck, riding thus? (8)
11 This year's broadcast generated wild excitement (8)
13 Rebuild a convent with no walls for prayers (6)
15 Frank sharpens first of tools (6)
17 Weather is interrupting sleep (6)
19 For the time being note is included in concert (3,3)
20 Submit best work surface (8)
22 Old coin in river retrieved and brought up (8)
24 Give up rule governing school (6)
26 IT worker resolved last nasty mess with happy ending (7,7)

1 Study any Durham criminal when money's handed out (6,8)
2 Urge to limit choice to some extent (4)
3 Shout to stop big car or dread the consequence (6)
4 Drive away sergeant who's been busted (8)
5 In 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' he opposes union (4)
7 Push cab, broken down, losing small part of it (6)
8 Doubts good chestnuts managed to keep hot (6,8)
12 In principle, men leave flat (5)
14 Bass, for instance, may be active or passive (5)
16 Former Staff Officer encountered current writer (8)
18 Coach said to enrol volunteers in grounds (6)
21 He serves an empty room during prohibition (6)
23 Mention faculty in speech (4)
25 Sauce, say, spread over duck (4)
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