Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7579 of 02-12-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Batsmen end idly, running in distracted fashion (14)
9 Return, avoiding first exit (6)
10 Maybe Gibraltar and Spain test use of missiles (8)
11 Lawyer Yate ordered to collect rent (8)
13 Saddle bay under ground (6)
15 They've got thick skins playing horns, one assumed (6)
17 Annie perhaps, or ghost abducting cat (6)
19 Seafood fraud on page one (6)
20 Rabbi led cast but he didn't rehearse his speech (2-6)
22 Irish spirit comes in through eastern state (8)
24 Deny what secret agent carries back (6)
26 Officer moves to Sinai, making vague statement (14)

1 Focus on GP's business that improves shots (6,8)
2 Fair, for one, is allowed to be shortened (4)
3 College boy's organisation of public workers (6)
4 Fire lawyers around noon eating here? (5,3)
5 Kelly's unit that's passed on by parent (4)
7 It's my right to keep painting constant moaner (6)
8 Resetting a line mistakenly where colon appears (5,9)
12 Writer's round the bend after work? This calms him (5)
14 Man's in pub, falling over? This clearly hasn't worked (5)
16 Eastern exam involves one hospital department (8)
18 Trip in wild Africa's about to be scrapped (6)
21 Left with golden carriage (6)
23 Originally glacier largely eroded northern valley (4)
25 Dour German border (4)
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