Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7371 of 03-04-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Part of sentence that criminal is given, for example (8,6)
9 Snooty person taking action about radical money-lender (6)
10 Current controller that Rose bamboozled (8)
11 Card game's trendy still (8)
13 Attempt to seize old superior westbound craft (1-5)
15 Print terms used in cricket (3,3)
17 Go off Iron Lady who rules over street (6)
19 Call in Madrid interrupting brother's dance there (6)
20 Latest attempt to acquire supporter for foot (8)
22 Over time, brush each scented plant (5,3)
24 It's cloudy and very dry over Idaho (6)
26 New GP sent a letter round hospital: 'Take courage!' (5,3,6)

1 Pens of warriors designed for these people (9,2,3)
2 Slight speech impediment (4)
3 Foodstuff sailor found in small church (6)
4 After school, avoid looking up timetable (8)
5 Platform belonging to Welshman (4)
7 It's the truth and it's immensely inspiring (6)
8 Silly small pet taught to catch queen bee, say? (14)
12 Enclosed in gym, change (5)
14 Start off calm on many occasions (5)
16 Paved way for brief op that's botched (8)
18 River apoearing in shimmering image? (6)
21 More suitable person who lays carpets (6)
23 Some bake a symnetrical piece of cake (4)
25 Correct-sounding ceremony (4)
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Created at 16.00 hrs IST on 03-04-2019 from Bangalore

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