Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7423 of 03-06-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Ad lib silly poem outside curtains (14)
9 He carries on with big animal running round (6)
10 Any more trained to join Yankee volunteer force once? (8)
11 Good-looking residence with small cracks (8)
13 Guidance notice on immorality (6)
15 Start to manage a woman's illness (6)
17 Symptom of travellers let out in fast car? (3,3)
19 Returns in afternoon and spots lodge in the open (6)
20 After broadcast, take off - from here? (8)
22 A soldier, tense, dined with daughter in distress (8)
24 Record stuff producing congestion (3,3)
26 Superior tiny head scanner designed for teeth (14)

1 Boss sorts beer staff brought in (7,7)
2 Small mariner to play the lead (4)
3 Developing state sacked by Rome (6)
4 Group of nobles on a canal boat, touring (8)
5 Put money on a second-brightest 2 (4)
7 Young girl initially overwhelmed by stock gas (6)
8 Uncle Brian goes off, disguised perhaps? (14)
12 Estuary, 2 behind 5 (5)
14 Check over a large page maybe (5)
16 Fool goes down with parasite (8)
18 Upset nurse embraces a theologian (6)
21 Replacement official controlling game accepts story (6)
23 Colour can start to tantalise (4)
25 Group of ticket agents go up to find entrance (4)
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Created at 21.00 hrs IST on 03-06-2019 from Bangalore

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