Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7372 of 04-04-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Trick a few eating minute starter (8)
5 It's great to host quiet meal in the evening (6)
9 Girl embraces boy by the sea (8)
10 Key parts in clue in different positions (6)
12 Top off more modern jug (4)
13 Biased, like inaccurate accounts (10)
15 It suggests cleric following it only gets worse (7,6)
19 Brief address of surgeon is going round in May (5,8)
23 Miser's Billingsgate bargain (10)
25 Man, for instance, is left wanting newspaper (4)
28 Someone with an address in laboratory (6)
29 Limp Airedale somewhat incapacitated (8)
30 Party in small wood rarely (6)
31 Gather Mabel's unhappy touring southeast (8)

1 Politician (European) blocking officer's force (6)
2 Tend to race over state boundaries (5)
3 Promise of all trusty henchmen at the start (4)
4 Staff in NY opera house love souvenir (7)
6 Agitated Tuvalu leader ignored flap (5)
7 A cleric swims under river to find panda maybe (6,3)
8 Ruminants in three rivers, including German one (8)
11 Low British twit (4)
14 Erect summer camp covering area (4)
15 Old Vic's about a mile away: leave messages here (9)
16 Vessel offering superior service (3)
17 Letter from ten former volunteers (4)
18 Generous limits raised on debtor's notes (8)
20 Black toy car, roof missing (4)
21 Thin bit of land is thereby limiting motorway (7)
22 Interfere with gong as it sounds (6)
24 Snap illegally obtained in post office (5)
26 Dump stand-in swallowing regular cure (5)
27 Requested a bed should be remade (4)
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Created at 21.45 hrs IST on 04-04-2019 from Bangalore

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