Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7555 of 04-11-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Rocks affected weight measures (8,6)
9 Italian food writer's unfortunately rejected (6)
10 Major shuffles drinks, having eaten fish (5-3)
11 Doctor paid a vet, accepting change (8)
13 Learned person's stumped about a vehicle (6)
15 Royal guard in the old Arab state (6)
17 Free uniform given to northern rustic unfinished (6)
19 Programmer embraces golf but he’s a duffer (6)
20 Ingredient causes changes across body regullarly (3,5)
22 Mosey off! I'm ingeniously cooking pasta (8)
24 Swimmer left medical officer in hospital (6)
26 Remote cousin, northeast guy, keeps heartland tilled (11,3)

1 Seeking to climb, boy will dream up moves (8,6)
2 Star, not entirely a strict eater (4)
3 Cycling's not finished on one island (6)
4 Killer, Anglo-Saxon, wrong to pursue commandos (8)
5 Old poet loses right to live here? (4)
7 Band of Gauls terrorised six counties (6)
8 Old writer's story about energy salesman's outlay (7,7)
12 What's the point of publicity to do with golf? (5)
14 Flower that's held under the chin (5)
16 One Irish Republican crosses border in plane (8)
18 Top this innovative arts centre (1-5)
21 Youth leader names suspect toady (3-3)
23 Joke about northern crew (4)
25 Bulge in chimney pot at the top (4)
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Created at 16.30 hrs IST on 04-11-2019 from Bangalore

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