Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7713 of 06-05-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Beat soldiers with stick initially in the open (8)
5 Expert parks a vehicle in street (6)
9 Some empty case, promoting calm (8)
10 Two men duped person (6)
12 Tested material for milliner (4)
13 Military exercise spoils our rematch (5,5)
15 Tiny cushion protects wing injured in tree (7,6)
19 Imagine bereft wife installing new big light source (7,6)
23 Dry hide rebuilt with mud provided with last of hay (10)
25 Release without charge (4)
28 Silence beast carrying Zulus (6)
29 Soldier’s back in pub with one American emblem (8)
30 Stock production left in holes in rock (6)
31 In which to cook special golden pecan nuts? (8)

1 Become stiff and cross if you’re catching it (6)
2 Like some waves it rises, occasionally deadly (5)
3 What witness takes in court or initially at hospital (4)
4 Artist on the fiddle doesn’t finish ‘Italian Dish’ (7)
6 A general truth across the Isle of Man? (5)
7 Light from sunset confuses golfer at first in Wentworth (9)
8 Axe what Mao arranged with Korean leader (8)
11 A short step for males (4)
14 Some unemployed put up list of courses (4)
15 Witch picked up light-brown tree (4,5)
16 Right away over in northwest (3)
17 One Democrat in New York’s racing there (4)
18 I trained medic after record outbreak (8)
20 Donkey’s heading off for a spin (4)
21 Popular admirer thanks Iberian king’s daughter (7)
22 Win back mad king’s daughter I introduced (6)
24 Shelter this writer first in brawl (5)
26 Phoned German leaving stockpile (3,2)
27 Metal found in quartz in Canada (4)
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Created at 14.30 hrs IST on 06-05-2020 from Bangalore

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