Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7478 of 06-08-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 A row during last meal on border shows fortitude (1,5,5,3)
9 Country united with Georgia and elsewhere (6)
10 Response from test typically makes Mike whistle (8)
11 Refined ghastly tale about this place (8)
13 Empty tin into tank (6)
15 Arab invested in bank infrequently (6)
17 Send over special platter containing fish (6)
19 Criminal's not at home in country houses (6)
20 Former Liberal knight returned bookplate (2-6)
22 It grows from different bulbel the Spanish imported (8)
24 Ring assistant next (6)
26 Versatile tool if Mary's new ski's in need of repair (5,4,5)

1 What gains lured dancing girls who marry sons? (9-2-3)
2 John hasn't left school (4)
3 Old fellow died recently? Yes, recently (2,4)
4 Disorder's more costly cure impresses Virginia (8)
5 Dreary poet's given up (4)
7 Student's found drunk outside, spread out (6)
8 Put out, having nowhere to go? (14)
12 New part in play's close to beginning for recruit (5)
14 Writer put in 150 megabytes in advance (5)
16 Gamblers here gave poor girl blankets (3,5)
18 Writing material stored by top-level luminaies (6)
21 UK, alas, exploited African capital (6)
23 Even Texan says it's no problem (4)
25 Money spent by your distant cousin, one of many in 16 (4)
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