Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7479 of 07-08-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Try out luggage that sets a precedent (4,4)
5 Brave woman's initially often in charge (6)
9 Disorderly alumni really disheartened leading light (8)
10 Needlework display in Edinburgh (6)
12 Working with Anglicans in earlier times (4)
13 Their owners need to get fit replacements for flats (5,5)
15 Why I have crew trained by Yankee using all possible means (5,5,3)
19 Bad boy briefly connected with rowdy old constituency (6,7)
23 Top teacher had prepared stream tackling English (10)
25 Woodcutter does sums, I hear (4)
28 Newly-wed's free during brief dance (6)
29 Chinese restaurant cook hates hosting old posh European (8)
30 Left in extremely tidy score (6)
31 Row Arab man around borders of United Kingdom (8)

1 It makes soap unbelievable and it hurts (6)
2 French author pulled up tree (5)
3 Jargon in Consumers' Association books (4)
4 Inconsistent agent receives constant blame (7)
6 Staff stood up on time to perform (5)
7 How tutor managed to inspire good development (9)
8 Squint definitely reflected in poor score (5-3)
11 Bar chart includes curve (4)
14 View across river that's dried up (4)
15 Repatriate former Italian in exchange (9)
16 Try to attract wife with rings (3)
17 Much maligned close friend (4)
18 In favour of book I introduced during strike ban (8)
20 British tree belt (4)
21 Animals travelled here, according to some (3,4)
22 Her tea's prepared and put back in the oven (6)
24 Average time indicated (5)
26 Two work out, missing a day (5)
27 You once were found in Somerset House (4)
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Created at 20.30 hrs IST on 07-08-2019 from Bangalore

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