Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times MUMBAI (No Newspapers in Chennai and Bangalore due to holiday for Ayudha Puja) (7532 of 08-10-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 New almanacs ignore the Mayflower’s descendants perhaps? (5-9)
9 It constrains Unionist in formal attire (6)
10 Workman managed to save pennies and reduce price (4,4)
11 At the front, or near it maybe (8)
13 Some apprenticeships are tempting (6)
15 Wife became endlessly diverted by PC device (6)
17 Get a Times article about Independent (6)
19 Beaten in race and dismissed after swapping parts (6)
20 Surveyor and engineers struggle with ruler (8)
22 Survey displaced Asians extremely lucky to be housed (8)
24 Good forest flowers here (6)
26 Mad Caribbean plan to seize uranium in poor state (6,8)

1 Wean a pup maybe on £1.05 in this country (5,3,6)
2 Monster congereel appearing now and then (4)
3 Bosnia’s fantastic arboricultural art (6)
4 Almost interrupt criminal such as peeping Tom (8)
5 Decorated church described by papers (4)
7 Note track — one from ‘Cats’ (6)
8 Media gathering disputed one CNN crew’s fee (4,10)
12 Last part of last month? Not much heat in it (5)
14 It may involve a bit of extra dealing (5)
16 Doctor came in as he’d lost his 7 (8)
18 It swims in regularly warm stormy seas (6)
21 I work in very old city showing healthy growth (6)
23 Director who worked with crew to make ‘Lawrence’ (4)
25 Pity Liberal blocked government (4)
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Created at 12.00 hrs IST on 08-10-2019 from Chennai

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