Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7402 of 09-05-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 A few soldiers returning to collect brother's hat (8)
5 Support for cameraman's journey by road regularly (6)
9 Notice mark in Spooner's style that's left by pest (8)
10 Working with this old harvester may make you chesty (6)
12 Jug would be more up to date with name on front (4)
13 Reward about to arrive, inspiring writers (10)
15 Trick Pole with a game, say, creating illusory bliss (5,8)
19 One stranded abroad touring strange city needs these (8,5)
23 Discourage test during fall (10)
25 Damage small vehicle (4)
28 Period when there's not as much happening (6)
29 Finding the answer needs a blend of toil and nous (8)
30 Fancy a tenor being out of tune! (6)
31 Grow approximately 50 for the first time in estate (8)

1 Be upset about America jailing fellows after revolution (6)
2 PM starts to berate EU perhaps (5)
3 Gripped top of radiator fitting (4)
4 Head of sport's discounted children's complaint (7)
6 Sum up MP's day off (5)
7 Play tunes to try to impress others (3,2,4)
8 Increased part of pool for divers saving energy (8)
11 Somewhere to relax up to this point mostly (4)
14 Husband leaves to film what remains after fire (4)
15 Order member to release mother and child (9)
16 What curious people do in party now and then (3)
17 River splits top-class area of land (4)
18 Rocket and bananas - convenience food from India? (8)
20 Pick up incomplete piece of roof (4)
21 Without hesitation, clients established practices (7)
22 British individual touring Zambia gets tan (6)
24 Ducks replace energy in relaxation here? (5)
26 Punch a cockney friend (5)
27 Big instrument neighbour brought up (4)
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Created at 14.30 hrs IST on 09-05-2019 from Bangalore

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