Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7716 of 09-05-2020) - Fillable and with solution (Sorry. No time for giving hints as I solved the crossword just before going to bed)

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1 Campanologists drink gallons with fractious reactionaries (5-7)
8 State of popular goddess (7)
9 I sat uncomfortably among spies back from China maybe (7)
11 Minor event starts to annoy landlord (10)
12 Flyer about to go in two directions! (4)
14 Discover clothes shop after work, a place to splash out? (8)
16 Recall well-known horse crime (6)
17 Zip top of booby trap (3)
19 Tourist centre put in another order (6)
21 Note first of threads in needlework (8)
24 Lazy maid left blankets (4)
25 Originally bring flower cut for cleaner after meal (6,4)
27 Greek with his mother or her mother perhaps (7)
28 It covers roads and paths running round a lake (7)
29 Sponsor’s been working alongside fine performer (12)

1 Contracts dealing with clubs cutting fees (7)
2 Leading quartet in 27 has info on artist in musical show (5,5)
3 Exercise mounting skill in batting with Glamorgan’s opener (8)
4 Book One has turned up with first-rate contents (6)
5 Hard work taking end off beam (4)
6 Stopped working and went to bed (7)
7 Malta is home for porcelain that’s deceptive (12)
10 Pay tribute to large count at ground (12)
13 Funny projectile is captured at sea (7,3)
15 Swindle college medic (3)
18 One showing off British paper and good paintings, say (8)
20 Rescue fierce lion initially intruding (7)
22 Cheers king mobbed by rowdy yahoos (7)
23 Insect digests acid in calcium (6)
26 Border of red geraniums (4)
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Created at 16.15 hrs IST on 09-05-2020 from Bangalore

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