Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7454 of 09-07-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 They take a deep interest in the main (14)
9 Teacher forgets note at first, creating tension (6)
10 Sweet spot in the middle (5-3)
11 One taking alcohol during test? That's unusual (8)
13 Paid for and transported with no resistance (6)
15 Intricately decorated but a bit worn at edges (6)
17 Distant galaxy perhaps, unable to be deciphered (6)
19 A learner following teacher's book in church (6)
20 I see Murray is said to be a good-looking guy (3, 5)
22 Finish bowling and stay in hotel? (8)
24 Boot part producing nasty lesion (6)
26 Dad lives at cove, rowing -- he likes a good row (6,8)

1 Fix lounge for Hugh Lofting hero (6, 8)
2 Give up sow, by the sound of it (4)
3 Wedding inspires special agreement (6)
4 Unlike Pope Francis initially, everyone stirred up bile (8)
5 Strength used partly for this reason (4)
7 Wind muffles double bass, causing chatter (6)
8 Haydn's butler ordered to welcome Queen with such music? (6,3,5)
12 American pursues information on taxonomic category (5)
14 Leader quits Tuvalu distressed, in a flap (5)
16 Transmit note about the King entertaining earl (8)
18 Was frightened of U.S. agent arresting auditor (6)
21 Person cutting film tried deviously to win Oscar (6)
23 Python, not large, suffering (4)
25 Second pale bird (4)
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