Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7585 of 09-12-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Vi and 25 booted me out, as noted earlier (5-9)
9 Pay no attention to exotic region (6)
10 It helps you sleep near disinfectant covering area (8)
11 Fit hot French article into top room (8)
13 A group of agents hide current plant (6)
15 Beat marines running round town in Kent briefly (6)
17 Rare metal in each layer of sensitive cells (6)
19 Grout makes fellow more unwell (6)
20 Story about murder with brick carrier and block (8)
22 Joe brings in boy with special oil for plants (8)
24 Show off apartment occupied by a Parisian (6)
26 Mrs King must win in order to get beachwear for Mr King (8,6)

1 What gains lured dancing girls who married sons? (9-2-3)
2 A blend of cool bananas (4)
3 Object to gift without top (6)
4 Stop moving clobber around in theatre (8)
5 Startle judge and old officer (4)
7 EU chief enlists a French bloke who’s ineffective (6)
8 Theory of equality, for instance, settled heresy (14)
12 Reliable large circle set up (5)
14 Cube coated in gold — maybe the last word (5)
16 Wind instrument briefly producing pleasant sounds (8)
18 Shade created by a building extension around noon (6)
21 Old car goes round by university (6)
23 Abandon male in party (4)
25 Queen’s flag missing top and bottom (4)
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Created at 15.00 hrs IST on 09-12-2019 from Bangalore

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