Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7639 of 10-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Eleven face ASBO, illegally getting time off work (5,2,7)
9 Attack and burn, say, on way back (6)
10 Show about Royal Society U-turn (8)
11 Late report about faulty lines I installed? (8)
13 Each one eats some pastry (6)
15 Number in need of refreshment, excluding soprano (6)
17 A sample nearly spoiled fluid in vessel (6)
19 City redesigned maze, producing complaint (6)
20 Check underground item used by chemist (4,4)
22 Leave marines drinking cheap whiskey — its gleam is alluring (4-4)
24 Charitable group’s rare seal (6)
26 Even Irish types can become easily hurt (14)

1 Book in war-torn caliphate friend arranged thus? (14)
2 Blonde following broadcast (4)
3 Banking centre gave ground around heart of Kent (6)
4 Chiefly a black protective coat, not top-of-the-range (5,3)
5 Non-drinker abandons superior drink (4)
7 New exploits on behalf of a young student primarily (6)
8 Fuel producer’s barbecue perhaps (8,6)
12 Identical English yarn (5)
14 Elected group’s leaflet delivered in magazine (5)
16 Cook hates going round old posh European cafe (8)
18 Poles control unexciting part of plant (6)
21 Rinse a chopped lettuce and tomato, making this? (6)
23 Lawrence, architect at heart (4)
25 Drive reduces rubbish (4)
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Created at 09.30 hrs IST on 10-02-2020 from Chennai

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