Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7586 of 10-12-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 This Bible may get you over sin (cryptically) (7,7)
9 What's left in French art gallery (6)
10 Three-act play: 'TheTube' (8)
11 9 flat stopper? (5.3)
13 Short article split economy (6)
15 Top make-over for Henry before radio broadcast (6)
17 Remove dye from shoreline skirting Lossiemouth (6)
19 Arrived with gunners and took shots with it (6)
20 I'm working with IT in new post - I'm ever hopeful (8)
22 Like the earth.odd shape recalling half circle (8)
24 Hampers emptied somehow - tea's reported missing (6)
26 Dictionaries are ordered thus by a chap at Lille possibly (14)

1 It precedes first performance of 'The Real Thing' (5.9)
2 Part of eye hidden in art nouveau (4)
3 A prime minister's turned over in bed (6)
4 Duck runs round English infant. avoiding drink (8)
5 A lump of rock at sea? That's somewhat misleading (4)
7 Make sense of last month's poem? (6)
8 He does often say this must be fixed soon (
12 Cutter provided in middle of Orkneys (5)
14 Field Spanish team. conceding second half (5)
16 Strong words in violent tirade about current bishop (8)
18 Queen's stalker gets check up? About time! (6)
21 Spot rare bird. one circling Welsh church (6)
23 Invisible barrier consisting of 2 hectares (2-2)
25 Parliamentary leader unwell ? Maybe this could help (4)
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Created at 17.00 hrs IST on 10-12-2019 from Bangalore

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