Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7378 of 11-04-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Like doting husband in Nile city heading off with debts (8)
5 Child collecting each penny leaves container (6)
9 Son raced Ford across one large country (3,5)
10 Troop leader loves acquiring light swords made here (6)
12 Two score inconclusively in castle (4)
13 He copies writing a chap uses in novel (10)
15 Get on a short distance in a beaten-up Sierra (8,5 - wrongly given as 7,6)
19 Reading on deck at sea, calculating position (4,9)
23 Groom blowdries mare's tail to remove dirty bits (10)
25 Girl briefly reverses Capri, say (4)
28 Hang around city centre in different role (6)
29 Source War Office and navy used too often (4-4)
30 It's used to roast seabird, by the sound of it (6)
31 Perhaps Victoria's name in America (8)

1 Hairy fans misbehave in middle of duet (6)
2 Basketmaker's legwear topped and tailed (5)
3 This writer's a married religious leader (4)
4 Scruffy one in Paris saved about a million (7)
6 East European tipped to run away in secret (5)
7 Forcibly employ bunch of journalists? (5-4)
8 You once succeeded with big number (8)
11 Opposed to old collectable that Parisian dropped (4)
14 Feline sound to some extent interrupts climbing (4)
15 Husband tucked into new wine with meal for now (9)
16 Arab king's boat (3)
17 Most of crockery's prominent feature (4)
18 Daughters dance in between very big weirdos (8)
20 Restrain mongrel, black (4)
21 Offensive odour upset part of play (7)
22 Catch up with Ulster's sport (6)
24 Tell stories, say, about Belgian city (5)
26 Boy cases post office and former golf club (5)
27 Criticise some dismal sights on way up (4)
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Created at 14.45 hrs IST on 11-04-2019 from Bangalore

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