Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7717 of 11-05-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 We arrive waving newspaper — driver glances at it (4-4,6)
9 Sea area between Ireland and Scotland contains rare fish (6)
10 He’s chaste but could be excitable, given kiss (8)
11 Looking desperate, wolf initially yielded ground (4-4)
13 The brief quarrel leads to prudence (6)
15 Weigh thoroughly — there’s a fraction in it (6)
17 Measure’s no good for one in Leith (6)
19 A Scottish team fires trainee, leaving sour taste (6)
20 Big ship beginning to engage the Bounty perhaps (8)
22 Ruin girl’s flower (8)
24 China’s capital soon acquires new artillery piece (6)
26 Dragons on TV offer this novel alternative cup (7,7)

1 Mafiosi arranged clapped-out Merc to carry one (9,5)
2 Peer almost ahead of his time? (4)
3 Waugh’s last letter brought up regularly (6)
4 Love fighting over dry dish (8)
5 Copy cot (4)
7 Old Iberian coin does unusually include copper (6)
8 It’s marvellous where astronauts go (3,2,4,5)
12 What to do with weedy plot figure? (5)
14 Rake over front of garden, having unpredictable effects (5)
16 Understood vessel’s not revealing much (8)
18 Clergyman’s circle breaks up (6)
21 Cooking instructions: Pierce after boiling (6)
23 Pretentiously creative political group lacking leadership (4)
25 Money school raised (4)
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