Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7693 of 13-04-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Pest officer and men hurry to limit trouble (8,6)
9 Obtain backing to follow friend’s financial plan (6)
10 Scoff beef initially in shopping centre, in this form? (8)
11 Renew cables to bar (8)
13 Gradually introduce latest photograph, not large (6)
15 Get under someone’s skin, using this? (6)
17 Completely at home with Oz dog (2,4)
19 Writer’s going round to stay in the same place (6)
20 Where straggler is, in spite of everything (5,3)
22 Sort of account that creates excitement? (8)
24 It’s hard to succeed in murder trial with this cipher (6)
26 Boss cook I recruited to perform around 4 (5,9)

1 Cleaner’s removing woody plant rook carried in (9,5)
2 Identify fellow convict (4)
3 You left theatrical circuit to become a reviewer (6)
4 Inspector General abandons duty, making a sacrifice (8)
5 Extract from overbearing part of speech (4)
7 Lower barrage enclosure (6)
8 Traffic wardens relax with one father, son and bikers regularly (8,6)
12 Stamp that’s on tyre (5)
14 Search is discouraged to some extent (5)
16 Workers employed by deceased duke grieved (8)
18 Barrier surrounding writer’s cell (6)
21 Dialect some caught on Guernsey (6)
23 Look up and down (4)
25 See Red Baron painting (4)
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Created at 18.00 hrs IST on 13-04-2020 from Bangalore

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