Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7405 of 13-05-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Think Whitby restricts this energy measure briefly (8-4)
8 Base in posh London theatre is not intended (7)
9 Wasted hours in making up feed (7)
11 Cook tries nut of cherry, for instance (5,5)
12 Departing without one medal (4)
14 Ask again about port in Far East (8)
16 Licentious quartet ejected from festive occasion (6)
17 Like the conditions in Arctic Yukon (3)
19 Notable large rug (6)
21 Odd mood and atmosphere in pub beginning to vanish (8)
24 A way to occasionally learn English (4)
25 Following that, the member conserves energy (10)
27 Leader of posse's unusually fresh if captured (7)
28 View duck and part of its wing (7)
29 Coach employs magic for sporting occasion (7,5)

1 King and prince included in defending Malaysian village (7)
2 Exchange of letters in dealership requires guidance (10)
3 Train skater in West Indies to try another sport (5-3)
4 Ingredient of tea etc. almost turning brown (6)
5 Transport stolen goods (4)
6 Forged coin kept in vessel displaying fabulous beast (7)
7 Basic details of fruit plus lots of cloth (4,3,5)
10 Tense, like Blondin's rope over Niagara Falls? (6,6)
13 NY hospital girl with Irish backing cracks problem (10)
15 Some imbeciles mounted diamonds (3)
18 Layer spread on top of ground lasting for 12 months (8)
20 Well-bred man of some standing has shelter erected (7)
22 Those competing take lead from guards (7)
23 Look, snooty fellow appears in this novel (6)
26 Timber supplier originally manufactured stable (4)
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