Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7354 of 14-03-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Deform and reconstruct same ship (8)
5 Correct quiet man in rodeo? (6)
9 Arsenal boss has affair with queen, king admitted (8)
10 Tell trendy group of pupils (6)
12 Left expert to tie up (4)
13 Scarlet pimento managed to produce saving (10)
15 He decreed cash must be spent making dairy product (7,6)
19 Where bouncer gets questionable justice? (8,5)
23 All citizens drink to welcome Paul after surgery (10)
25 Commotion in prison (4)
28 Records some plants university rejected (6)
29 Greek character hosts Crete dancing, and that's not all (8)
30 Give boost to unruly children who've lost heart (6)
31 Snooty Delilah had moved to avoid the Spanish (3-2-3)

1 Paltry starter in menu I left with no difficulty (6)
2 French writer raised tree (5)
3 Time cricket side abandoned prize (4)
4 Profess to interpret ending, not all of it (7)
6 Manage jump, ignoring odd features in approach (3-2)
7 Planning ahead for outlet I'd acquired (9)
8 What's left after one departs? Souvenir, perhaps (8)
11 Raise back (4)
14 They neutralise toxins revealed by pulse rates (4)
15 Is old noble able to grasp new kitchen device? (3-6)
16 A lecturer's endless trouble (3)
17 Spoils entrance, by the sound of it (4)
18 Bypass track for Arctic transport (8)
20 Pledge given during boat hire (4)
21 Spies arrest informer touring old country (7)
22 Memorial for former BBC boss announced (6)
24 Ring up about one garden tree (5)
26 Walk on strand without husband (5)
27 Doctor swallows each drink (4)
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Created at 12.00 hrs IST on 14-03-2019 from Bangalore

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