Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7590 of 14-12-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Rebus has a cop trained in order to appear in court (6,6)
8 Strip of land exists in this way to bypass motorway (7)
9 Miserly type guarding ground forgets uniform (7)
11 Ray piloted fancy cream for removing hair (10)
12 Article about this writer’s last word in church? (4)
14 Big bottle, round, carried by desert rat Mark (8)
16 Comedian left without newspaper, also a piece of cake (6)
17 Religious person’s notes about uniform (3)
19 Small drink for each kid (6)
21 Old man rants about king’s period of unenlightenment (4,4)
24 Smooth metal (4)
25 Very nearly a better wild animal with backbone (10)
27 Paper folding? Return cheque with foreign friend (7)
28 Fatter one visiting food store (7)
29 On behalf of the nation university packed in journalism (6,6)

1 Henry puts off invading troops - Henry Percy, that is (7)
2 Colonists behave awkwardly on social occasions (10)
3 Posed, inter alia, with new dog (8)
4 Focus of innocent remark? This is (6)
5 Scrap European craze (4)
6 Not injured without horse, not being equipped to fight (7)
7 Big port processes iron ore and jade I imported (3,2,7)
10 Yankee probes equine’s lugs for ages (7,5)
13 Oz bird fell right on a rising Polish artist (10)
15 Boss curbing union’s slanderous words (3)
18 Sunlit rocks hiding a universal mollusc (8)
20 Violet’s in awfully poor condition (7)
22 Rock smuggled into French holiday home (7)
23 Dressing gives great enjoyment (6)
26 Former PM’s given away British hideout (4)
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