Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7617 of 15-01-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Pretend to encourage, taking time off (8)
5 Volunteers once allowed to absorb new expertise (6)
9 Disdain MP replacing son in competition (8)
10 Small boxer corners British dog (6)
12 Do up large hole in one (4)
13 Cuddly duck plunged between Yankees (5-5)
15 Need a platform, one roughly left idle (13)
19 Ronnie foolishly ate five bananas, green (13)
23 To my mind, boy should be in training meeting (10)
25 Old character to regret accommodating knight (4)
28 Marsupial’s origin? Australia and Tasmania principally (6)
29 Priest admitted to a slight desire (8)
30 Someone who tears first coat? (6)
31 Time of punishment shows awareness but no heart (8)

1 It was used to crop unhealthy French article (6)
2 Crazy crew in charge (5)
3 Duke leaves northern city what remains of wine (4)
4 Pudding, one in a pot, stirred about (7)
6 A minor prize (5)
7 Indecisive match involving four old clubs (9)
8 Vehicle beginning to turn and circle wildly round yard (8)
11 Something to eat in cafe-taverna? (4)
14 Nearly frighten Mark (4)
15 Stable guy who brings items to you, bar first pair (9)
16 Turn down nearly all money in New York (3)
17 Completely fill weekend, last in June (4)
18 What offshore wind farms offer Britain once? (3,5)
20 Bread drivers consumed in middle of dinner (4)
21 Oval pills randomly swallowed by Europeans (7)
22 Fail to honour Frenchman, say, coming in (6)
24 Make speech using fancy language without note (5)
26 Nun arranged to suppress one old marriage (5)
27 Group tours a constituency (4)
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Created at 15.30 hrs IST on 15-01-2020 from Bangalore

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