Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7644 of 15-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Car workers maybe, old and bruised by shifts (4-8)
8 He’s expected to lose phone or mobile (2-5)
9 The sort of rain that makes this dangerous? (7)
11 Exaggerated where WWI men in trenches went (4-3-3)
12 Soviets argued about their former leader (4)
14 Even Gulf’s at war, wanting retribution (8)
16 Almost common groups of species (6)
17 Put away repast, ignoring odd bits (3)
19 A small quantity of alcohol’s going off before noon (6)
21 Jack, say, carries a lot abroad, a large quantity (8)
24 Bring in listener before start of news (4)
25 Eat with care if rebuilt small school has these (10)
27 Husband goes in to find a breathing tube (7)
28 He lives the high life, I’m sure, wearing brown (7)
29 Dan tried city abroad, carrying this in case? (8,4)

1 Producer of crude expression of disgust with restraint (7)
2 Disease – PhD worked with it, I hear (10)
3 Outdoor meal in Cuba prepared with beer (8)
4 Trendy cross erected, suitable for home (6)
5 Indication of leak boring person (4)
6 Further edition dealing with problem (7)
7 One gatecrashing rally in pub, tense and awkward (12)
10 Eating heartily, try getting up to welcome guy with daughter (12)
13 Exploit Rosemary, say, with old American neckwear (7,3)
15 Unfinished, need sticky stuff (3)
18 Record attempt to obtain second hanging (8)
20 Festoon organ Arab brought in (7)
22 Overlooked ‘glove’ in dictionary (7)
23 Writer’s sadly given up Italian food (6)
26 Huge country loses a prominent feature (4)
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