Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7695 of 15-04-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Fighters may do it in B-movie shot in Germany and Belgium (4-4)
5 Scruff starts to read a good book about grooming (6)
9 Study small vineyard, very small (8)
10 Complain about popular old resident of Crete (6)
12 Rod’s ten beer cases (4)
13 Fellow managed to raise a sow in flipping shrub! (10)
15 How coping with Hugo sorted out child’s illness (8,5)
19 Old disease from public bug, one spread around area (7,6)
23 A quiet dean unfortunately is not good enough (10)
25 A cook’s endless longing (4)
28 Needlework display in Edinburgh castle (6)
29 Consider maiden in penury, put away (8)
30 Joyful cry: ‘Spain and UK are playing!’ (6)
31 First of ponds in stretch of land reveals reptile (8)

1 Sad face captivates some oddly (6)
2 RNA originally in small bottle’s spreading rapidly (5)
3 Nip by insect takes effect initially (4)
4 Staff leave over snare for poachers (7)
6 One breaks bail illegally, making excuse in court (5)
7 Overload circuit and lose it (4,1,4)
8 Hood nicks drink, upset about onset of fierce battle (8)
11 Member of clergy heading off soon (4)
14 Mount tree, dropping whiskey (4)
15 Lexicographer enlisting mother’s site manager (9)
16 Brat’s beginning to irritate representative (3)
17 Pen notes (4)
18 Sailor’s in the drink (8)
20 Business increased success (4)
21 Resident of Riga regularly mulches plant (7)
22 Humble churchman tours Middle East (6)
24 This can be read on a tablet in English reserve (1-4)
26 Victor’s Irish dish of potatoes and greens (5)
27 Last platform that is managed by British Rail (4)
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Created at 15.45 hrs IST on 15-04-2020 from Bangalore

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