Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7538 of 15-10-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 President and officer in pub behind new Alhambra (7,7)
9 Soldiers trade in trauma (6)
10 Note message about the French TV data service (8)
11 Sign is on, seconds to go, it's in, engine starting (8)
13 Bring on popular wartime dictator (6)
15 Spot last of old fruit (6)
17 Gong goes off after, say, hot drink (6)
19 He steals implement over here in the centre (6)
20 Clumsy man pares cheese (8)
22 Old Jew's harp out of tune? I understand (8)
24 Building hydrofoil containing small boat (6)
26 Stressful situation -- waste resources in card game (8,6)

1 Adore myth of girl almost transformed by this kind lady (5,9)
2 Old Irish poetry beginning to disappear (4)
3 Dutch illicitly import hot stuff (6)
4 Old novelist in the slips? (8)
5 Drunkard grabs Conservative person from Edinburgh (4)
7 Genetically modified, nearly silent insect (6)
8 e.g. Johnson and Webster go and help carers upset about 11 (14)
12 Russian boss swapped parts of data entered (5)
14 Needs to be educated? (5)
16 Birds almost clean flower (8)
18 Notice proclaiming bookies' ball? (6)
21 Extremely popular 3, possibly (3-3)
23 Spots rare tree (4)
25 New U.S. president’s victory (4)
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Created at 14.45 hrs IST on 15-10-2019 from Chennai

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