Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7669 of 16-03-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Cooler treatment in East End salon? (3,11)
9 Tree in the wild offers top protection (6)
10 Suspension of bishop leaving abbey by a new church (8)
11 Dive orders beer mugs (8)
13 Free old politician and Parisian guards (6)
15 Introduce carbon into latest aircraft (6)
17 King and rook produced one victory primarily for him? (6)
19 Split when backing governor (6)
20 Short pause during brief acclaim for island capital (8)
22 Fighters may do it in B-movie shot in Germany and Belgium? (4-4)
24 Evil besets eastern borders in European city (6)
26 All types of turns seen in this Catholic nightclub? (9,5)

1 Servant regularly funds poor Iranian, one who’s ill (14)
2 Government leader obtaining artist’s early carriage (4)
3 Hang around centre of city in different role (6)
4 Start off letter about church area and other matters (2,6)
5 Woman leaves New York county a classical garment (4)
7 Trader and distributor in Las Vegas? (6)
8 Astronauts reach this unusually steep icy alcove (6,8)
12 Junior officer initially goes in to ruin his boss? (5)
14 Remove cross priest in refuge erected (5)
16 Raised pig within limits of cold storage unit (8)
18 Fear upsetting a bishop who’s missing sabbath (6)
21 Member of tribe old Indonesian brought up (6)
23 Messenger rejects old sin (4)
25 Nothing covers a spike (4)
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