Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7408 of 16-05-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Home Counties woman tours trendy training college (8)
5 Like pig's trotters left in cold stove (6)
9 Graduates hug tennis champion? That's unfounded (8)
10 Pluck hard stuff (6)
12 Mischievous member of church occupies a hotel (4)
13 Ohio city's top officer in state, not working (10)
15 British gents meeting Doctor Joy's sibling (5,8)
19 Job involves reshaping CGI director inserted (7,6)
23 Egyptian king twice can start to gurn, showing distaste (3-7)
25 Fit bachelor tucked into drink (4)
28 Hot depression over France producing rising tide? (6)
29 Bishop left abbey near a new church in state of disuse (8)
30 Greet sailor guarding posh European (6)
31 Fund-raiser allowed back on the ground (8)

1 Tunnel route for 24? (6)
2 Mike defends American score (5)
3 Useless northern university students (4)
4 Cancel odd parts of section in debt (7)
6 It's in bed like wolf with no tail (5)
7 Change Verdi's first song into novel (9)
8 It provides nourishment, even if Mike drops in (8)
11 The top came off (4)
14 I'm amazed to leave mum (4)
15 Lovely fellow enters two units albeit needing repair (9)
16 The German's upended, showing embarrassment (3)
17 Keen opera singer stands up (4)
18 GP mingles with Tories -- they boost his image (3,5)
20 E.g. capital carefully invested this year principally (4)
21 Give title to benevolent comic, not vet (7)
22 Humble writer embraced by head of college (6)
24 What was about at sea creating havoc (1-4)
26 Judges settle (5)
27 Instrument not unlike an early rebec essentially (4)
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Created at 15.30 hrs IST on 16-05-2019 from Bangalore

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