Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7645 of 17-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Prime locality I arranged for MP (8,6)
9 A selection of selfies taken for celebration (6)
10 Identical oil producer defends left now and then (8)
11 Verse, one of five enthralling a tense artist (8)
13 Primate and historian (6)
15 Brought round European to get formally dressed (6)
17 Farmer in Orkney brings in wool supplier (6)
19 West Indies have gone mad for ducks! (6)
20 Posh grandee possibly not old enough (8)
22 What’s studied in RA almost suits nurses (4,4)
24 Comment on the subject of old currency (6)
26 Start-up firms here go into one to collect various prizes (10,4)

1 Old coach I noted awkwardly grasping one big book (7,7)
2 Somalian regularly picked up charitable donations (4)
3 Put up a power unit to support old capital (6)
4 Record one Unionist in box finishing speech (8)
5 Ford abandons state regrettably (4)
7 Envy gift leader’s left (6)
8 Ordinary soldiers penetrate green German forest (6-2-6)
12 Brusque end of ancient Gaelic language (5)
14 Rose fractures a rib beginning to ride (5)
16 Stop Istanbul person turning up to nab piano that’s bust (8)
18 Smile wryly eating top-class breakfast (6)
21 Strode all over the place where Hardy lived (6)
23 Removed top of wastepipe leaving jug (4)
25 State of mind low, ultimately depressed (4)
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Created at 11.15 hrs IST on 17-02-2020 from Bangalore

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