Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7592 of 17-12-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Harry records one GCSE in ‘How to be safe in traffic’ (5,5,4)
9 Base extracted from chalk (a limestone) (6)
10 Norma worried during break about glandular secretion (8)
11 Greek letter describes rocky Crete and other things (2,6)
13 Old sailor goes back over these days (3,3)
15 Confirm artist’s fit to retire at end of July (6)
17 Enthralled house gave approval (6)
19 Scatty Arab kept street guide for his own market (6)
20 Notice Wouk’s captain’s in swabbing decks with this? (8)
22 Tanner is in retreat with unknown writer at church (8)
24 Drink this in Britain with Yankee (6)
26 Carrying out tool into a compound (14)

1 Social theory, say, settled on heretical doctrine (14)
2 Antitoxins neutralise rabies bite (4)
3 Ring 9, enter 50, get connected (2-4)
4 English journalists sent in standing order for drink (8)
5 People choose to receive newspaper in some places (4)
7 Her tea’s cooked and put back in the oven (6)
8 Old maid goes up to N. Dakota union anniversary (7,7)
12 Additional actor in crowd scene (5)
14 Some feel knackered when climbing, wrenching this? (5)
16 Familiar address for writer Sharples introduced (8)
18 Back from the Orient, heading off (6)
21 Cheerful conductor starts with it (6)
23 Hide stone perhaps (4)
25 Leading character in musical doesn’t start song (4)
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