Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7567 of 18-11-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Ann Widdecombe inspires this heading briefly (5-9)
9 Former South African carries a sort of square hat (6)
10 Time to work around it (8)
11 Wrongly blame rep's introduction (8)
13 Katherine's foolishly ignoring her consumption (6)
15 Figure that's less sensitive (6)
17 Submarine dweller enjoys terrestrial sandwiches (6)
19 Letters seen regularly in burglar's place in Africa (6)
20 US guy stops a different one (8)
22 Cobblers are said to earn pounds, paid monthly (8)
24 Books are confiscated from soldiers as a rule (6)
26 What USA offers TUC holding journalist in awe (5,9)

1 Timeless belief blocking country's hormone source (9,5)
2 Revolutionary gait (4)
3 Young fox entertains woman's little child (6)
4 Twisted tree in Troy's outskirts that’s timeless (8)
5 What some do to fly in Bayswater (4)
7 Lots of pasta with no name (6)
8 What hairdresser offers using current method? (5,9)
12 A racket involving male management (5)
14 Develop heart of institution all together (5)
16 Former pitman welcomes a scrutineer (8)
18 Carriage running between the Tyrol and Augsburg (6)
21 Wear a new unknown hearing aid (6)
23 Supporter runs away from demonstration (4)
25 Secure once more, having dismissed leader (4)
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Created at 17.00 hrs IST on 18-11-2019 from Bangalore

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