Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7647 of 19-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Popular old writer to do some carving (8)
5 Printer supplies two kinds of black stuff (3-3)
9 Cooking medium, as it happens, appears in old painting (5,3)
10 Country owns top-class sculpture (6)
12 Enthusiastic about what’s in twin towns (4)
13 Fixing match organised in a big top (10)
15 Not fit to eat writer’s fruit that’s flawless (13)
19 During which performers are mostly on edge? (6,7)
23 A Parisian bible in poor condition is useless (10)
25 Stop storing last of summer hay here (4)
28 Formally introduce one new tube (6)
29 American fellow leaves angry, attracting huge interest (8)
30 Make beloved finish bit of cereal (6)
31 A city abroad welcomes a king with daughter, 10 (8)

1 Famous island shaped like a volcano (6)
2 Irish author’s flyer (5)
3 Smoke in Edinburgh creates stink (4)
4 You, I and officer visit elevated bar that’s congested (5-2)
6 Where non-believers go on Sundays? The nick? (5)
7 Bitter struggles during prison dance (9)
8 Attempts to put away boring agreements (8)
11 Goodbye, thanks and thanks again (2-2)
14 Late transport for drink, by the sound of it (4)
15 A drug criminal stashed in dune buggy, insecure (9)
16 The Spanish king’s deer (3)
17 Pelt person running meeting, heading off (4)
18 Levi suffers somewhat when climbing unrestrained (8)
20 Pet saluki, barking, not A1 (4)
21 One probing mysterious seaman’s loss of memory (7)
22 Left over mint? (6)
24 A small volume by artist in African capital (5)
26 Half-hearted old newspaper’s overhead (5)
27 Old PM showing signs of age (4)
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Created at 11.15 hrs IST on 19-02-2020 from Bangalore

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