Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7724 of 19-05-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Cook brought in to produce about 4 for boss (5,9)
9 Fine U.S state almost to give up (6)
10 Stone-cutter works rapidly over face of amethyst (8)
11 Board's not recalled seafood (8)
13 It's avoided during laps in Piccadilly area (6)
15 Benson's colleague is evasive (6)
17 American fuel distributed to our advantage (6)
19 The minister becomes angry lacking Home Office (6)
20 End up with one mobile still in its wrapping (8)
22 Engineer retains Telford's first modern railway (5-3)
24 Conflict's no good in story (6)
26 Dream and bet on it non-stop going bust? (3-5,6)

1 Pupils nasty chill on rhodes catching cold (14)
2 Distance travelled by hollow missile (4)
3 A sum of ready cash makes you solvent (6)
4 Crushed thick pieces without the appropriate tools (3,5)
5 Old telephone system keeps university stable (4)
7 Kiss Eileen, say to make you solvent (6)
8 A truly trivial mix eats energy in a simulated environment (7,7)
12 Lowest point of dinar after conversion (5)
14 Ransack Winchester, for instance (5)
16 I'm sorry about that dance (6,2)
18 Editor supports clubs,say in formal wear (6)
21 You wrongly included even parts of Italian payment (6)
23 A group of Scandinavians backed Tsar (4)
25 New branch starts here, one rebuilt to hold 500 (4)
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Created at 19.00 hrs IST on 19-05-2020 from Bangalore

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