Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7489 of 19-08-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Don't give up -- demand spur line's redirected (3,11)
9 Land put in order (6)
10 Users are spoiled for comfort (8)
11 Prints and English objects, about 100 (8)
13 Remove colour from British motorboat, not posh (6)
15 Explain group of peacekeepers? (6)
17 Effect of flying, running late in Jo'burg after vacation? (3,3)
19 Small charge covers run and ramble (6)
20 Trains stupidly carry first of freight by entrance (8)
22 Sailor and student embracing opera? That's unusual (8)
24 A rogue or a scallywag's content (6)
26 Investment opening beside river by major city (7,7)

1 I'd built centres originally designed to last (14)
2 Gamblers put money into this special item in auction (4)
3 Humble head of college touring Middle East (6)
4 Quietly stroll around Mile End as an introduction (8)
5 Our responsibility and where it lies? (4)
7 Stir up eccentric pedant (6)
8 Nice lounge bars turned out completely different (14)
12 Cool river -- and what's in it, perhaps? (5)
14 Geography book finally cut (5)
16 Priest in vehicle with one seafood dish (8)
18 Latin ancestor's face (6)
21 Short prince in headdress briefly turned up (6)
23 It's taken in court once at trial hearing initially (4)
25 Position of shift key even members ignored (4)
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