Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7621 of 20-01-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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6 Inspector more worried about old lounges maybe (9,5)
9 Reveal evidence of Parisian having departed (6)
10 Depressed, fail to win back parting girlfriend (8)
11 Rough land used to throw rider (8)
13 A smooth examination (1,5)
15 Pest missing? Bring in copper (6)
17 A golf international in trouble for slow tempo (6)
19 City den offering sugary confection (6)
20 Screen flyers in court and what they came in? (8)
22 Illegal university student serious about Norway (8)
24 Favourite child’s treat not cold in the middle (6)
26 Dragon on TV may offer this journey? Excellent! (7,7)

1 What road hog assumes he has, and presumably does! (7,7)
2 Take a cursory look at small container (4)
3 Prince about to take part in miserable feast (6)
4 Old desktop item, popular king’s bronze penny (8)
5 Try a large target (4)
7 I want to accommodate 500 by all means (6)
8 Male act of flattery displayed with no emotion (6-2-6)
12 Accountant receives credit for African capital (5)
14 Keen group go in to cultivate a geranium (5)
16 Father admits posh judge is certain to succeed (4-4)
18 Plant a girl chopped up, beginning to cook ... (6)
21 ... mature captivating English carrot tops, using this? (6)
23 Singer turns up in Scotland (4)
25 German proverb needing no introduction (4)
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Created at 15.30 hrs IST on 20-01-2020 from Bangalore

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