Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7360 of 21-03-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Turn off in Leeds complex, close to the court (8)
5 During Christmas, query old type of entertainment (6)
9 Girl group's first to display colourful neckwear (8)
10 Narrow passage's southern feature (6)
12 Occasionally, middleman makes plan (4)
13 Instrument in a prom at the start (10)
15 Busy peer is GT owner? This helps him turn it (5,8)
19 Crafty guy recruits a head of detectives as watchman (8,5)
23 Hand in a ball to gain entry (10)
25 Gas board gets round restraining order (4)
28 Fit ring round child for martial art (6)
29 Poet (American) hosts new big shots in baseball (4,4)
30 Disturbingly, anger's returned in cathedral city (6)
31 Judge rearranges teatimes (8)

1 Refuse teacher somewhere to sleep, heading north (6)
2 Scorch unfinished bass perhaps (5)
3 Prepare to fire young man who's pinched disk (4)
4 Outline study trip (7)
6 Table salt arrives bagged (5)
7 I failed badly to follow question, yet passed (9)
8 Antagonise sergeant who's been busted (8)
11 Racecourse bans a person from Edinburgh (4)
14 Sempstress heading off for vessel (4)
15 He may help break record that's hidden in chest (9)
16 Pen tale soldiers nicked (3)
17 Dash makes you feel annoyed to some extent (4)
18 Bill boards flight for a lark (8)
20 Duck leaves lake (4)
21 Crossing Cape, go seek unusual reptiles (7)
22 Rodent swallows small sweet (6)
24 Sort of wave - it upended boy, surfacing (5)
26 Trainee reporter in South America tanks (5)
27 Legendary creature still the source of intrigue (4)
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Created at 15.45 hrs IST on 21-03-2019 from Kanchipuram

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