Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7491 of 21-08-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Try carrying long box full of leaves (3,5)
5 Affected American university site (6)
9 Caught leaving a function arranged for spring (8)
10 Photographic equipment arrived with gunmen (6)
12 It's designed to carry water, with or without top (4)
13 Institute in Paris and Rome represented showman (10)
15 Cook meat and chill mixed confectionery (4,9)
19 Lollipop lady for one has to deal with forest (7,6)
23 Local officials won't broadcast 150 aircraftmen (4,6)
25 Ponder what cat does on radio (4)
28 Stock item one female kept in here strangely (6)
29 Malign dentist's verdict on patient who rarely visits? (3-5)
30 Dull seat inside Derry's walls (6)
31 Prescribe a time to host very old Conservative (8)

1 Part of feed includes sticky stuff (6)
2 Colour's variable in a flower (5)
3 Can't stand during such a tempest (4)
4 Small mike muffling echo is having dramatic effects (7)
6 Pile up a manuscript describing Roman coin (5)
7 Decide in advance on gold and diamonds in sting (9)
8 Well versed with spices (8)
11 British port's vitality (4)
14 Division not complete? Sign on staff (4)
15 At the same time Henry tucks into fancy meal with wine (9)
16 Nearly ped­dle fruit (3)
17 The likelihood of sailor impressing Democrats? (4)
18 Small person in southeast Germany did needlework (8)
20 Munch nut as chopped (4)
21 Uncomfortable week in a part of hospital (7)
22 IT buff breaks the ice (6)
24 Applaud man in church run (5)
26 Worried Tuvalu leader avoided flap (5)
27 Shells perhaps a feature of William Morris (4)
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Created at 14.00 hrs IST on 21-08-2019 from Chennai

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