Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7623 of 22-01-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 A route willing fans have to travel to watch this (4,4)
5 Revolt cuts supply within borders of Pittsburgh (6)
9 He thinks he’s clever, i.e. a screw’s loose (8)
10 Libel African state and leaders of Ghana and Nigeria (6)
12 Yankees import old round toy (2-2)
13 Putting book last, bring in the German file (4,6)
15 On marrying, rep disrupted early service (7,6)
19 One seeking higher status after party, Ivy perhaps? (6,7)
23 Community for an eternity dismissing three characters (10)
25 Woman accompanies male, the original one (4)
28 They pursued convoys moving about secretly at first (1-5)
29 Wide gap beside groove said to be appropriate (8)
30 Part of roof keeps dry, only a tiny bit (6)
31 Drive away sergeant in distress (8)

1 Irish county’s wasting gallons continuously (6)
2 When, for example, to determine quality of metal (5)
3 Not very much good stuff (4)
4 Damage container I added for drink (7)
6 Taste sodium? A milkshake contains it (5)
7 Nail found in Derry’s broken laundry equipment (4-5)
8 Unpaid, grizzled, and not admitted (8)
11 Impatient American going to miss Indiana (4)
14 Space engineers impressed by motorists (4)
15 Waste time roughly south of Scottish isle (4,5)
16 Province left nothing (3)
17 Red assassin (4)
18 Right to enjoy posh shih-tzu finally in Crufts, barking (8)
20 Cornet performing in church (4)
21 Strip of land is consequently bypassing motorway (7)
22 Stop one old PM (not North) embracing politician (6)
24 Praise former tax cut (5)
26 12 sleep on end of divan (5)
27 Long endless period of revolution (4)
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Created at 15.00 hrs IST on 22-01-2020 from Bangalore

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