Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7626 of 25-01-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Distant feeling neck is twisted in head office trouble? (12)
8 Suspend party grandee initially looking sheepish (7)
9 Popular leftist is backing person with secret info (7)
11 Cancellation to do with trade (10)
12 Hurt a Republican entertained by first lady (4)
14 Oliver’s supporters make innuendoes about girl (8)
16 One of the Archers who’s on the fiddle? (6)
17 Idol’s best medal left out (3)
19 Add software to finish (6)
21 Boss about to trick collier out of energy (8)
24 Note attached to article in that case (4)
25 Data collected in least common threatened area (10)
27 Alexander’s wife in a car whizzing round Zambia (7)
28 Busy place to start monopoly? (2,3,2)
29 Bruised, like teams from New Zealand and Scotland? (5-3-4)

1 Dynasty finished German house (7)
2 Liaising about college doctor’s job (10)
3 View funny things, having drunk one gallon (8)
4 Easily fixed tricky complaint after removing ATM (4-2)
5 Grub starts to nibble ornamental sea holly (4)
6 Harry admires pistol, for instance (7)
7 Baroque choir rehearsal doesn’t end joint exercise (12)
10 Pay mountaineer abroad to follow river (12)
13 Home Office trial wrongly involves Zulu on plane (10)
15 Small piece of ground, very damp at first (3)
18 Transfer ring stolen by depressed boy (8)
20 Earl working with VIP to come out on top (7)
22 One who interprets fragment of Codex, eg Eternities (7)
23 American artist has brought up a lot of sand (6)
26 Record is held by policeman (4)
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