Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7390 of 25-04-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Boycott reserve - it's a hazard in winter (5,3)
5 Mind being engaged in biopsy checks (6)
9 What's used to burn famous Hollywood stage? (8)
10 Sick rabbi accepts cold antacid remedy (6)
12 Couple one encountered on way back (4)
13 Eight dull dances including foxtrot that's lovely (10)
15 Fox to catch geese eating English dairy product (7,6)
19 Club that stops you buying the farm in America? (4,9)
23 Small bunch of gift vouchers needed to acquire box (10)
25 Shout abuse at disheartened clown (4)
28 EU chief brings in a Parisian bodyguard for sultan (6)
29 Living at compound means to be watchful (8)
30 School lets us fight (6)
31 Delicate sort of leather covers heel of shoe (8)

1 Move around one pet (6)
2 Native American dumps husband quickly (5)
3 Bird kept in Whanganui independently at first (4)
4 Disease caught Lahore badly prepared (7)
6 Smart Scandinavian ejects editor (5)
7 Reveal fleece picked up for driver (9)
8 Encourage starters in early meal with tipsy blonde (8)
11 Wait to take top off stand (4)
14 Stage part of flight (4)
15 Arm security devices slap on golf course (9)
16 It might make one fight for breath almost (3)
17 Writer's supporting Hearts, a busy place (4)
18 Did they pound the pavement more closely than most? (8)
20 Different excerpt from 'The Cruel Sea' (4)
21 Selfish type, say, lives inside too much (7)
22 What a cruel beast could be without cease (6)
24 Volunteer briefly keeps current account of speech (5)
26 Delete clip from 'Que Sera Sera' (5)
27 What decorators do to improve large entrance primarily? (4)
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Created at 21.45 hrs IST on 25-04-2019 from Chennai

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