Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7653 of 26-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Private meeting fifty in hollow (8)
5 It stops squeaking in a Clio mostly when reversing (6)
9 How many customers pay for trip? (8)
10 Piglets prepare for war (6)
12 Plans exclude a fateful day in Rome (4)
13 Carlyle’s mistaken about English society in a slapdash way (10)
15 Shattered team chill and cook confectionery (4,9)
19 Bury set oddly grow up without women’s society (8,5)
23 Chief goes in to supply ladies backing Latin student (10)
25 Unit protected clubs previously (4)
28 Diamond catch that’s put on in corner of ring (3,3)
29 Wrought iron in chimney producing poisonous gas (8)
30 Somewhere to stay, with or without son (6)
31 Spout on church maybe or crumbling grey gaol (8)

1 Fines put in money box (6)
2 Aristocrat, English, hugs one tearful old mother (5)
3 Left one newspaper in elevator (4)
4 Very old officer spies revolutionary linked to battery (7)
6 Angry buccaneer losing head (5)
7 Pack instrument for cheat (4,5)
8 Bride fresh and extremely lovely on the day (5-3)
11 That woman’s old champion (4)
14 Slight mark above some notes (4)
15 Unable to produce a light without equal? (9)
16 Some who think it’s very popular (3)
17 Leader of orchestra occasionally broke instrument (4)
18 Metalworker can almost hit hard (8)
20 Pudding needs power to be turned up on ring (4)
21 Interrogate American about old primate (7)
22 Scrub allowed to fill river (6)
24 Old judge to speak pompously (5)
26 Curious about individual making a racket (5)
27 Medal leaving with no middle (4)
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Created at 22.15 hrs IST on 26-02-2020 from Bangalore

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