Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7656 of 29-02-2020) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Gushing females feature in terrible Issue Seven (12)
8 During greetings, taxi upended barbecue (7)
9 Paint Carroll’s heroine briefly suppressing sob (7)
11 Translate Martial ode that’s perfectly suited (6-4)
12 Forbid running round royal farm building (4)
14 Stare at girl captivating German viewer (8)
16 Expedition in Africa’s sadly about to be cancelled (6)
17 Beer plant needs hard work (3)
19 Stop using computer to record old fines (3,3)
21 Block New Left in Lincoln offensive (8)
24 Sister welcomes old part of speech (4)
25 Doctor left clue with an intestinal problem (10)
27 Wave fist during, for instance, meet (7)
28 Worry a lot — ace is away boxing (7)
29 Take part in quiet revolt, full of ideas (12)

1 I bet bed changes as this goes out (3,4)
2 Inevitable feature of combining office with flat (4,2,4)
3 Small Kashmiri manoeuvres avoiding a clash (8)
4 Old foodstuffs by way of North Dakota, then South (6)
5 Roman fiddler sent up in Florence (4)
6 Cake ingredient, one associated with a Muslim ruler (7)
7 Cheeky girl with money first to finish offal (12)
10 Engineer learnt device is supported on one side only (12)
13 Dish, college girl, worried Lionel (10)
15 Piece of ground, very damp initially (3)
18 Former friend in Paris eats rare beef (8)
20 This person’s belly put on weight eating lots at first (7)
22 Compulsory grit left out (7)
23 Drama over? Settle after introducing trainee (4,2)
26 Part of archipelago is all but rented (4)
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Created at 22.00 hrs IST on 29-02-2020 from Bangalore

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