Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7551 of 30-10-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Check undergound laboratory item (4,4)
5 The way to keep old lines empty (6)
9 Fliers suitable for inclusion in Joe's street art (8)
10 Group of Eskimos question place for services (6)
12 Cheeky type comes back to lock up mongrel (4)
13 Reserve trained sherpa first for help abroad (6,4)
15 Dog's opinion of possibly why he's unwell (4,9)
19 Paper and journal cover one good pair of figures for player (4,9)
23 Very rich pastrycook primarily at home with this? (7,3)
25 Patient when in church (4)
28 It's vital Mike gets stuck into fizzy stout (6)
29 Lithium, iron and glue in realistic proportions (4-4)
30 Leatherworker's old coin (6)
31 When to eat bacon, say, partially covering fruit (8)

1 Hose this GT after it's been repaired (6)
2 A quick bite not initially thrown into fire (5)
3 Snooty type beginning to taunt old fellows (4)
4 Start to brew hot cup some­how making a mess (5-2)
6 Gas unit controlling most of zoo (5)
7 Sweet scotch on the rocks? (9)
8 Debris from rag week dispersed around college (8)
11 Runner goes round a Munro (4)
14 Former racing driver takes three seconds (4)
15 My fan mail destroyed devoted husband (6,3)
16 Private Welshman wastes energy (3)
17 Ring newspaper about its duty (4)
18 Hollywood aura that comes from heavenly bodies? (8)
20 Confused Georgia twice (4)
21 Lunatic's elected during a function (7)
22 Go back to broadcast again on radio (6)
24 Children’s publication (5)
26 Boxer starts to box in defence (5)
27 Notice payment on line (4)
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Created at 15.00 hrs IST on 30-10-2019 from Bangalore

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