Cryptic Crossword from Economic Times Bangalore (7578 of 30-11-2019) - Fillable and with solution

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1 Notice form provided by old in that is accepted (10,2)
8 It should be kept cool in fridge or attic possibly (7)
9 Native medicine concocted without using iodine (7)
11 God, old and horrible, devours horse completely (10)
12 It has bite, whichever way you look at it (4)
14 Florist offers these gratis, as is, in new arrangement (8)
16 Old ward boss Norma nervous about start of treatment (6)
17 Particle of metal, not rare (3)
19 Yak aren't dispersed over heart of mountains (6)
21 Piece covering prow's broken spar (8)
24 Titled person not quite ahead of his time (4)
25 Oarsmen set out to find giant squid perhaps (3-7)
27 I was confused about hospital, large one, speaking this? (7)
28 Messages for estate agents (7)
29 Union staff back scheme meant, I hear, to lower this? (12)

1 Ride round dealing with depression (7)
2 Profession of writers wasting hours at joint (10)
3 Impress big port (8)
4 Unconvincing complaint about the French (6)
5 Nelson founded dynasty to some extent (4)
6 A recluse accommodates married welfare worker once (7)
7 Repairing greens with faults generates appreciation (12)
10 Lively exchange of views ruffles Dutch art nuts (3,3,6)
13 Flat, perhaps semitone off keeping time (10)
15 Some old Belugas primarily supply blubber (3)
18 No colleague hosts marines in the usual way (8)
20 Confident writer put into sort of trance (7)
22 Two soaks besieging American withdraw (7)
23 Episodic work broadcast over in southeast Luxembourg (6)
26 Company's stable (4)
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