I am not ashamed to say I am addicted to Cryptic Crosswords for over 50 years. If I am asked to thank the English race for just one invention, I shall unhesitatingly choose the Cryptic Crossword. It is a wonderful pastime and I thank God I fell into this habit. I cannot remember when I started solving crosswords. What I remember is that Santhanam (now my brother-in-law) and I used to jointly solve Indian Express crossword in our college days. After marriage, Amritha (my wife) also got interested to cryptic crosswords and we solve together the Economic Times crosswords every day. In my view, Economic Times (which reproduces the London Daily Mail crossword) has the best clues among the Indian newspapers. Statesman, Telegraph, Sunday Hindu and Sunday Times are also good. While in Mumbai, I used to solve the Jumbo Crossword (full page) in The Afternoon Despatch & Courier on Saturdays in which I have won prizes on a few occasions. I have also developed Crossword Lessons for those interested to know about them. From 21st June 2009, I started posting crosswords from The Hindu of Sunday with hints to solve. But I had to discontinue it after I turned 70 as solving the crossword and uploading it was taking too much of time and effort.

From 2013, I have also started posting hints and solution to the Economic Times Crossword everyday from Monday to Saturday. Till I turned 73, I was posting it before 11.00 A.M. IST, but now I am able to post only around 4.00 PM or later. A suggestion was given by a reader - Madhu Vishwanath - that I could show the first clue in the Index page to make search easier. I have implemented this suggestion from 1st February 2018. Please click on the links in Table below to read about/solve the Economic Times cryptic crosswords.

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3rd January 2013

Introduction to English Cryptic Crosswords in 10 lessons

If you are already solving Crosswords, you can view the common abbreviations used in English Cryptic Crosswords

Click here for Clues and Solution to old issues of Economic Times - from 2013 to December 2018

Click here for Clues and Solution to Cryptic crosswords in issues of Economic Times in 2019

Click here for Clues and Solution to Cryptic crosswords in issues of Economic Times in 2020

Some readers had pointed out that the Grid was not visible for the last few days.. With the help of Mr. Hari Balakrishnan it has been solved and updated crosswords have been posted for those published in 2020 and 2019